The Volvo XC60 Inscription Trim Has Luxury Features

The 2018 Volvo XC60 Inscription Trim is part of the popular Volvo line of mid-size SUVs. It has the classic Volvo front grille and the unique array of LED lights. The rear has the dual exhaust system and distinctively shaped tail lights. The exterior design is engineered to cut through the wind.

Ssanta Rosa drivers know that comfort is essential for short or long rides. The Volvo XC60 Inscription Trim has ergonomic seating that provides support and reduces fatigue. This model has advanced optional features including ventilated and heated seats and massage chairs.



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DIY tips to keep your headlights clear

We here at Smothers European Volvo Cars understand the importance of DIY tips to help maintain your vehicle. Over time your headlights can be weathered and decrease your visibility. Here are some DIY tips that you can use to help restore your headlights.

This first method uses an easy to find household product. Toothpaste used alongside a rag and some warm water can help to clear up headlights. Simply scrub the headlights using the toothpaste and wet rag.

Another household item you can use is insect repellent that contains DEET. It works similarly to toothpaste, but you will want to…

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Used Car Buying Steps Made Easy

The perfect car doesn't need to be a brand-new one. A used car delivers perfectly for buyers satisfied with a well-maintained previously used model. Anyone new to buying used, however, might not know what steps to take. The process isn't much different than buying new. Perform additional steps though.

As with new models, you must select the appropriate make and manufacturer. Determine when and where you will be driving the car. Examine your budget as well. Read up on consumer reviews and performance reports. Such steps further ensure you pick the right model.

With a used car, prioritize…

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Car Covers Mean Less Maintenance

If you live in an area that has heavy pollen or dust, you will want a cover on your car. If you live in an area where theft is a concern, you will want a cover on your car. This is because it provides a thick layer of protection that acts as a barrier to human or natural threats.

While you may think that a car cover is tedious to put on and take off, it can save a lot of money on maintenance...

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Why You Need an SUV

If you travel frequently, an SUV may help you do so in a convenient and safe manner. With this type of vehicle, you can carry up to seven people, their sports or music gear and your pets with ease. In fact, some SUVs are designed to make them more comfortable for large dogs or other larger animals.

This type of vehicle may also be ideal during times of inclement weather. It can offer better handling on icy or snowy roads, and it can also perform better on flooded roads. However, if you do encounter roads with water on them, do…

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Hot and Cold Affect Your Car's Battery

The battery in your car is needed to start the car in the morning, and it is needed to maintain certain functions while you are driving. Extremes of both heat and cold can have detrimental effects on your car's battery.

Extremely cold weather can drain your battery quickly. When it is below freezing, your battery needs a full charge to start your vehicle. Cold weather can bring your battery down to the point where you can't start your car. Temperatures in the 90s and above can put great stress on your battery. These temperatures can make your battery…
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How to Keep Your Tires from Blowing Out and Putting You in Danger

You will do all that you can to stay safe as you drive your vehicle, and it is important for you to maintain your vehicle so that it can help you stay safe. You need to know how to keep your tires from blowing out and causing issues for you.

One of the most important things that you can do if you want to avoid a tire blowout is to carefully monitor the pressure in your tires. Check your tire pressure when the tires are cool and make sure that they are filled according to the guidance given in the…
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A Luxury SUV with a Riveting Performance: The 2018 Volvo XC90

Are you looking for an SUV with a quiet cabin? Or maybe, you would like a fierce amount of power, as well as a sleek and aerodynamic design. Then, behold the 2018 Volvo XC90! Crafted with a standard 250 Horsepower engine for the T5 models, if you want to up the power on your SUV, there is an available 316 Horsepower engine that you can get with T6 models as well.

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Crucial Keeping Those Cabin & Engine Air Filters Clean

Your vehicle has a number of air filters in the engine and cabin area all working to reduce particles from the air and help to improve your ride. These are a few reasons to keep those filters clean.

The passenger cabin air filters have to work hard to remove those microscopic particles from the air to improve the air quality. If these filters are allowed to get clogged, then things like mole spores and allergens will quickly and easily fill the cabin.

The engine air filters work even harder than the cabin filters because these have to make certain the…
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