Volvo Demo & Loaner Inventory

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If you are looking for an affordable option at Smothers European Volvo Cars, you might browse other used dealerships and third-party sellers, but those vehicles can sometimes have uncertain pasts and hidden issues that will pop up a few years down the line. Instead, why not browse our demonstrator and loaner vehicles? We have a great selection of like-new body styles and models in Santa Rosa.

We use Volvo cars as loaners to drivers who don't want to wait for their car to get repaired. Demonstrator vehicles have been driven for business use by salespeople, managers or executives. Since both of these types of vehicles live on our lot, they receive the best care and attention. They're not officially used, as they haven't been registered, but they are more affordable due to their brief time on the road.

Cars see their greatest loss in value over the first 12 to 18 months, so when you buy a loaner XC60, you won't lose as much value over time from your purchase. These cars don't have many miles to their name, and our on-site mechanics keep them in tip-top shape. We hand select the Volvo vehicles to use in our loaner program and our demo cars. These vehicles are some of the best in Volvo's lineup. When you buy a demo or loaner car from us you know you're getting quality and saving money.

Unlike used vehicles, you know exactly what the car's service record is and who has been looking after it. Even after purchase, our expert technicians will work with you to keep your new luxury car in working order. Loaner and demo cars are a great way to save money on the latest and greatest from Volvo. Browse the inventory, and don't hesitate to call or come in in person with any questions. Smothers European Volvo Cars is here to help you find great offers on your favorite Volvo brands.