Volvo V90 Exterior Features

There's a lot to love in the latest V90 wagon. For one, US News & World Report ranked it third overall in the wagon category. This means that the wagon has the most space, while it isn't necessarily the traditional wagon in design. The V90 is known for its space and unique styling. In fact, drivers state that the exterior feels like you are looking at a luxurious Phantom design, rather than a Volvo V90 wagon. However, that's just the way that the designers wanted drivers to feel about the powerful new wagon.

In addition, drivers can customize their V90 to their heart's content. There are several different body colors available, as well as color inserts. You can truly maximize the appearance of your Volvo just by changing the insert to glossy black, silver, or chrome. You can also upgrade to a double exhaust pipe. However, the wagon comes standard with a rear diffuser and spoiler as well.

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