Volvo Extended Warranty

Your new Volvo comes with a generous warranty. Though, there will be a time in ownership when that coverage will expire.

Fortunately, Smothers European Volvo Cars has our clients covered with extended warranty service contracts for purchase. With choice of three separate plans to select, you're helping to ensure peace-of-mind further down the road to Santa Rosa.

Extended Warranty Plans - Investing in Your Volvo Luxury Model

There might be some debate regarding whether a new vehicle purchase is an investment. The truth is as soon as the vehicle meets with Petaluma pavement, steep depreciation sets in.

And there may be unexpected costs of some maintenance or repair procedures not covered by your original, new car factory warranty.

As such, Volvo extended warranty service contracts offer clients the opportunity of adding value back into your preferred Volvo model. So, dependent upon model year and mileage, our three distinct coverage levels lend additional protection for those unforeseen scenarios and costs associated.

The Volvo extended warranty service contracts are as following.

Powertrain Coverage

Powertrain Coverage provides protection against mechanical breakdowns of those systems comprising the engine, transmission and drive axle. Given these systems each harbor a confluence of components, those which fall under the term "internally lubricated parts" are covered within this extended service contract.

Also included in this plan are internal components related to hybrid and plug-in electric motors or generators.

Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage extends comprehensive protection across most systems encompassing your preferred Volvo luxury model. Included here are those parts and components coming together in the following systems:

  • Engine parts such as oil pan, valves, timing belts and more.
  • Cooling components of radiator, mounting brackets and coolant recovery tank, to name a few.
  • Transmission parts convening cables, links and mounts.
  • Drive axle joints, bearings and couplings are protected.
  • Steering parts covered run the gamut.
  • Brake systems assemblies comprise various components that are protected.
  • Air conditioning components such as condenser, compressor and all related parts.
  • Suspension control arms, bushings and joints.
  • Electrical system components and those parts associated with Volvo hybrid and pure-electric models.

Not all parts and components are covered for the systems above. So, it's best to consult the actual service contract for select details.

Platinum Coverage

Platinum Coverage offers the same aspects as powertrain and gold coverage plans, though with expansive protection extended to various vehicle assemblies. There are exclusions to mind, however Platinum Coverage offers an all-encompassing sense of confidence in those assemblies, systems and parts protected.

Additionally, all three coverage plans offer shared facets and features in the following summaries.

Alternate Transportation Coverage

With a covered mechanical breakdown, any expense for alternate transportation such as rental car or ride-sharing service is reimbursed.

Towing Coverage

Any towing charge that's incurred due to a covered mechanical breakdown is recouped up to $100 per incident.

Travel Coverage

Should you be more than 100-miles from home during a covered mechanical breakdown, food and lodging expenses are reimbursed up to $100 per day, up to $500 per occurrence.

Fluids Coverage

Fluid replacement during covered systems' repairs is included at no additional cost to the client.

Improved Resale

Each plan is fully transferable to the next owner, lending added appeal to your Volvo luxury model you've been enjoying throughout Rohnert Park.

  • When seeking to purchase a Volvo extended warranty service contract, it's imperative you contact our dealership for more information. This is in consideration of state regulations.

Smothers European Volvo Cars - Offering Volvo Extended Service Contracts for Added Peace-of-Mind

Contact our Volvo professionals for more information on extended warranty service contracts.

With purchase and coverage, you're effectively investing back into your Volvo of preference.