The Smart XC90 Momentum

The 2018 XC90 Momentum is a vehicle that's designed to help you out on the road. This popular luxury SUV comes with standard features that can monitor your surrounding and provide you with aid whenever you need it.

Drivers in Santa Rosa can benefit from the Lane-Keeping Aid feature. Cameras read the road markings ahead of you and are able to distinguish where the lines are. The system will compare this information with the position of your SUV to make sure that you're not swerving into the lanes next to you. If you do, you'll receive warnings. The SUV may take action to correct your driving if you don't do so yourself. The Run-Off Road Mitigation feature works similarly. However, it makes sure that you don't accidentally drive off the road altogether.

Come see what makes the 2018 XC90 Momentum so unique by visiting our showroom at Smothers European Volvo Cars today. We'll explain how these features work and set you up for a test drive so you can experience the technology firsthand.



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