Extreme Temperatures and Vehicle Batteries

Many have gone through the inconvenience of a dead battery in the winter. However, few realize that the extreme temperatures of summer can also pose problems. Battery cells contain acid that are susceptible to extreme temperature changes. The colder the weather, the more the fluid level drops. When trying to start a cold vehicle in winter, the thickened oil puts added strain on the battery. The same is true in summer. The warmer the weather causes the fluid to evaporate. Both scenarios decrease the life of the battery.

Running headlights, windshield wipers and entertainment systems also drain power. Other problems that put stress on the batteries include the extra power needed for heat or air conditioning. When trying to start a vehicle with a weakened battery, the stress weakens the battery further. By having your battery periodically inspected by the technicians at Smothers European Volvo, you are less likely to experience problems.



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