How to Keep Your Vehicle From Hydroplaning

If water accumulates in front of your vehicle’s tires faster than your vehicle can push it away, your vehicle will hydroplane. When your vehicle hydroplanes, it will feel as if you are gliding. In addition, you may lose control of the brakes or steering. Anytime there is water on the road a vehicle could hydroplane, so it is vital to be prepared for wet road conditions.

One way to prevent hydroplaning is to reduce speed if you notice water on the road ahead, but be sure to gradually slow down and drive about ten miles slower than the speed limit. You can also avoid hydroplaning by investing in high-quality tires. Some tires are manufactured to prevent hydroplaning. Furthermore, you should also have your tires rotated every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. In addition, when the roads are wet, it is always best to drive without cruise control and avoid passing other vehicles at high speeds.

Hydroplaning is dangerous, so keeping your tires in optimal condition can help you stay safe during wet conditions. If you feel that your tires may need to be inspected, visit Smothers European Volvo in Santa Rosa.



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