Tires - Know When It's Time for Replacement

We never like having to buy new tires, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Tires will only provide you with good service as long as they're properly inflated and maintained. Visit us at Smothers European Volvo and have our techs look over your tires or show you our full selection of tires designed for your vehicle.

Although keeping the tires properly inflated will make them last longer, you may still need to replace your tires if the following is true.

• You have poor traction.
• Your tires are wearing unevenly.
• The tire or tires lose pressure.
• Tires have bulges.
• Car veers on the road.

Although issues other than tires can cause certain problems, always check your tires regularly.

If you have concerns about your tires, or if they need replacing, stop in at our Santa Rosa service center or call for an appointment today. Our techs are happy to provide their services.


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