DIY tips to keep your headlights clear

We here at Smothers European Volvo Cars understand the importance of DIY tips to help maintain your vehicle. Over time your headlights can be weathered and decrease your visibility. Here are some DIY tips that you can use to help restore your headlights.

This first method uses an easy to find household product. Toothpaste used alongside a rag and some warm water can help to clear up headlights. Simply scrub the headlights using the toothpaste and wet rag.

Another household item you can use is insect repellent that contains DEET. It works similarly to toothpaste, but you will want to spray the rag directly. The chemicals in the spray can damage the paint, so you will want to be cautious and only scrub the headlights.

If these methods don’t work, you can also try some other methods, or bring it to our service team here in Santa Rosa for this and other automotive services to get you back on the road.



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