Volvo Designs the 2018 XC40 to Take On the Concrete Jungle With Confidence

About a year ago, Volvo showcased both the a compact luxury crossover and its platform in the 40 Concept. The reactions to that prototype, as well as customer input and real world data have resulted in the 2018 XC40--a vehicle that aims to take the stress out of city driving while drawing visual inspirations from its aesthetics.

No, the XC40’s interior won’t include stripped brick and utilitarian styling, but embody a more youthful flair that’ll evoke the vibrant parts of city living. While you enjoy that plush and lively interior, the XC40’s technological underpinnings will work to lessen the stress of driving on city streets. These include functions like a 360 degree camera, Pilot Assist, and City Safety, which can monitor for pedestrians, bikes, and other cars, and alert you to or mitigate potential collisions. With the XC40 looking out for you, you’ll be able to better enjoy city driving.

Want to get more information about the forthcoming XC40? Stay tuned to our blog, or contact our Volvo dealership in Santa Rosa, CA. Our sales team can tell you when it will arrive at our dealership, and fill you in on models, options, and features.

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