The Features That Are Making Reviewers Like Motorweek Love the 2018 Volvo XC60

Much has changed since the original version of the Volvo XC60 went on sale, including the vehicle itself. After nine successful model years, this utility has become an American favorite, and its first generation model still is the brand’s bestseller. Now, it’s been rebuilt from the ground up, but still captures that special stuff that endeared it to so many in the first place.

Reviewers are in agreement that the XC60 moves the notch forward, thanks to its continued emphasis on safety, driving comfort, and utility. Autoblog notes its 63.3 cu-ft of cargo room—although a hair smaller than the outgoing model—is still at the top of its class while Kelley Blue Book favor the Pilot Assist semi-autonomous driving system and the latest iteration of the Sensus interface as favorite features. KBB also spoke favorably of the XC60’s ride comfort. In what may be a deciding factor for some, Autoblog also pointed to the XC60’s standard features roster, which includes an impressively-complete assortment of standard safety gear.

Watch the video above from Motorweek to take see what the XC60 is like at a glance. If you’re ready to get more involved, a test drive can be scheduled when you contact our Volvo dealership in Santa Rosa, CA. You can ask one of our sales representatives any questions you may have then, or over the phone.

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