Can a New Volvo in Santa Rosa Help Fight Climate Change?

You may not have noticed, but things have been abnormally dry around the Bay Area recently. Really -- according to the U.S. Drought Monitor, Santa Rosa is categorized as "D0: Abnormally Dry" as of October 2016. That's a fair bit better than our neighbors to the south, still caught up in the highest severity of drought, D4.

This extreme weather drives the point so far home, it's at our doorstep -- climate change is a serious threat.

As individuals, we can all make a difference. Last year, Volvo encouraged California drivers to stop washing their cars, or to use a waterless cleaning solution. We can also fight climate change at its source -- carbon dioxide.

Volvo has entered into an agreement with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, promising to slash CO2 emissions. As the only automotive member of WWF's Climate Savers program, Volvo will be following an industry-leading plan to bring emissions close to zero by 2020. Not only will Volvo be promoting new hybrid models, it will be cutting greenhouse gasses across the lifecycles of all of its products -- including Volvo Group's commercial trucks and buses.

Visit Smothers European Volvo to learn more about what you can do to fight climate change, and take a test drive in a new Volvo in Santa Rosa.

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